BondPub™ – Fixed Income Execution Manager

We Create Solutions for Fixed Income Security Trading Firms.

Fixed Income Execution Manager

Traders need a front-end application that allows them to manage the distribution of all their fixed income quotes and aggregate their orders in one place.  This fixed income execution management solution provides streaming distribution of quotes and aggregation of orders in one easy-to-use real-time interface.

Using BondPub, traders can efficiently manage quote and order flow with the most requested electronic trading venues, including:

  • TMC Bonds
  • TradeWeb Direct
  • BondPoint
  • Bloomberg
  • MuniBrokers

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Product Overview

BondPub is a fixed income execution management system that allows bond traders to effectively manage the publication of their fixed income offerings and bids to multiple ATS’s, and to aggregate order flow from all connected trading venues into a single easy-to-use order blotter.

BondPub streamlines trading workflow. It frees traders to trade without being slowed by different systems that don’t work together.  It improves the workflow between the trader and the alternative trading systems so traders focus on trading rather than the mechanics of the different platforms.

BondPub not only provides an excellent integration platform for the electronic trading venues but readily integrates with the firm’s existing systems.

Quote Publication & Order Execution

Positions in BondPub are maintained directly in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. When a quantity or price changes on a quote in BondPub, it is immediately published to all enabled trading destinations.  Hit of lift orders placed on the ATS’s against these quotes are routed back to BondPub’s order blotter.