Fixed Income Security Analytics

Fixed Income Security Analytics

Dealing with the complexities of bonds requires software developers to have robust fixed income analytic tools. The developers at FTLabs created a bond calculation library to address these difficult challenges and bring a tool to market that delivers speed and accuracy as well as superior productivity and maintainability. Fixed Income Security Analytics (FISA) is designed and built using pure object-oriented techniques and was developed by software developers for software developers.

FISA is available in two versions:

Global-FISA – US, Canada, UK, Japan, EU, France, Germany, and Italy Fixed Income Securities
US-FISA – US Domestic Fixed Income Securities Only

Product Overview

Accuracy is the first and most important consideration in selecting a bond calculation vendor. FTLabs measures the precision of every language version and software component available against an extensive database of calculation benchmarks drawn from trusted sources to ensure absolute conformity to accepted industry standards.

When speed is more important than complete precision, our bond calculation components can cache and reuse pre-allocated memory in order to run efficiently in a highly-optimized environment. In addition, the object-oriented nature of the library allows developers to take advantage of previously calculated intermediate results when performing repeated calculations on the same security.

FISA components were created with logical class structure and design that hides much of the complexity of the bond market from the developers using our components. High-level interfaces can handle most of the commonly required capabilities and results, however access to low-level methods are also available.

FISA is now offered through Amazon AWS Lambda over the internet through an API.  Calculate values in applications that are web-based including FTLab’s WebFISC and PortFini Portfolio Presentation System.

Developers are not required to be experts in the fixed income market.

FISA Components

FISA components are available in several different code bases:

  • Microsoft .NET – For use with C#, VB.NET and other .NET compliant programming languages
  • Java
  • C++
  • API – Amazon AWS API Gateway hosted

Bond Calculator (Powered by FISA)

For no extra charge, you can also test and validate calculation results using our online bond calculator, Powered by FISA. Bond Calculator allows users to calculate a wide range of results such as price/yield, duration, convexity, yield to maturity, yield to call, and more for a broad range of US domestic fixed income product.