BondPub Release Notes

BondPub v1.2.0.3 – April 4, 2021
Name Description
Customer Trade Entry
  1. Created a new Customer Administration screen for managing Customers.
  2. Created a new Representative Administration screen for managing Representatives so that Reps can be created that aren’t necessarily BondPub users.
  3. Modified the Trade Entry screen to allow for Customer Trades.
    • Added selection of Customers for entering trades.
    • Added a Commission section that shows up for Customer Trades.
    • Added fields required for Customer Trades, including, Order Rep, Order Time, Solicited, Discretion Exercised, Adivsed of Material Events, PMP fields.
Trade Entry/Detail Enhancements
  1. When creating a new Sell trade from an existing Quote, prepopulate the quantity with the available ask quantity for the selected Quote.
  2. Added Position / Offer / Bid panel to Trade Detail when applicable.
  3. Added field validations and input restrictions to multiple Trade Detail fields. Includes Trading Account, Contra Account, CUSIP, Trade Date/Time, Settlement Date, Qty, Price, Yield, Net Price, YTW, YTM, Principal, Accrued Interest, Net Amount.
  4. Removed read only fields from tab order, including the Net value fields whenever Manual Calc isn’t selected.
  5. Added the ability to add or edit a description directly from the Trade Entry screen.
  6. Automatically clear the Accrued Interest if the Acc. Interest checkbox is unchecked, and reclaculate if it is checked again.
  7. Automatically calculate the Net Amount when Manual Calc. is checked.
  8. When unchecking Manual Calc. recalculate original AI if the AI checkbox was unselected.
Additional Hot-Keys
  1. Added Ctr-Q Hot Key for adding quotes.
  2. Added Alt-E Hot key for editing selected quote and added an Edit option to the individual Quote context menu.
Description Entry Updates Added Project Name, Bank Qualified to security detail entry.
Trade Blotter Updates Added Pink background highlighting to Completed Trades in the Trade Blotter that have an update date that is greater than the trade date and also added pink highlighting to the Trade Status History items that have an update date greater than the trade date.
Trade Account administration updates
  1. Removed Account # change warning when adding a new account.
  2. Require Account # for account entry.
Spread administration updates
  1. Fixed issue when saving a new Spread Curve or Spread Index that was showing the object class name rather than the entered description or name.
  2. Made a change to require Name and Description for Spread Curve and Spread Index and required CUSIP and Description for Spread Benchmark.
Quote Detail Calculations Made change to the Quote Detail screen to prevent attempting to calculate Bid or Ask values unless a pricing value has been entered.
General Calculations Changed default Daycount Basis for Interest At Maturity securities to use 30/360 rather than Act/365.
BondPub v1.1.0.7 – Jul 23, 2020
Name Description
Configurable Display Price and Yield Precision Added the ability to configure the Display Price and Yield precision per market and security type.
Configurable Settlement Days Added the ability to configure the number of settlement days per market and security type.
Configurable Money Multiple (Pricing Scale) Added the ability to configure the pricing scale per market and security type.
BondPub v1.1.0.6 – Jun 24, 2020
Name Description
Trade and Order Blotter Column Configuration Persistence Changes to the column widths, positions, and sort order will now automatically be persisted for both the Trade and Order Blotter screens.
Allow User to Add and Remove Columns for Trade and Order Blotter The user can now add and remove columns from the Trade and Order Blotter lists by right clicking on the list header. Once selected, the columns will automatically be persisted.
Add YTM and YTW to Order Blotter Added YTW and YTM columns to the order blotter lists.
Add Order Time to Order Blotter Added an Order Time column to the order blotter lists.
CUSIP Copy From Quote List Added an option to “Copy CUSIP” when right clicking on the CUSIP field in the main Quote List. When clicked, the CUSIP will be copied to the clipboard.
Relabel Call Columns For Consistency Relabeled the Quote List Call 1 and Call 2 columns to be Next Call and Next Par Call in order to match the labels used on other screens within BondPub.
Group the Ask and Bid Columns together Visually group all the Ask side columns together and Bid side columns together by highlighting each side with a different color.
Bloomberg Firm ID Length Increased the size of the Bloomberg Firm ID field to be 20.
Order Email Notification Subject Changed the Email Notification Subject to include the Price right after the quantity instead of at the end of the line. This should make it easier for the user to see the price without having to click on the email for some email reader applications.
Order Detail Offer Match Indicators The Settlement Date, Quantity, or Price will now be highlighted if any of those fields do not match the original offer values.
Order Detail Window Layout Made several updates to the Order Detail window to include more information and to more closely match the Trade Detail layout.
Trade / Order History Export Added the ability to export the Trade and Order History to a CSV file.
Bug Fixes
Negative Pending Quantities Fixed an issue where the pending quantity could be set to a negative value for certain Drop Copy orders. We also made changes to not allow the pending quantity to ever be negative. If any process attempts to set the pending quantity to a negative value, it will be reset to 0 and we will log the incident for further investigation.
P&L Calculation Updates Made several changes to make the P&L calculations more accurate for all trades.
Withdraw All / Publish All for only items shown The Withdraw All and Publish All options on the main Quote List will now only publish items that are showing in the current list rather than ignoring any quick search filters that are applied.
Publishing quotes without a destination. Made changes to prevent quotes from being sent to BondHub whenever no destinations have been selected for publication.
Publishing quotes where all Destinations are Blocked or Withdrawn Made changes to prevent quotes from being sent to BondHub whenever all destinations are Blocked or Withdrawn.
Oder Detail Report eroneous data Fixed issues with the Order Detail Report where the Fee amount was showing the Price and the Net Money value was incorrect.
Dissallow Report Trade or Cancel Trade buttons from being double clicked Made changes to prevent the user from being able to double click the Report Trade or Cancel Trade buttons which was causing the trade to be reported multiple times.
Global Price and Yield rounding Made changes to all lists and detail screens to more consistently show the Prices and Yields rounded to market conventions. This includes rounding Municipal values to 4 decimal places, Treasuries to 11 and all others to 6.
Global Principal calculation updates Made changes to calculate the Principal using pre market conventionally rounded prices to allow for higher accuracy and to better match the counter party trade report.
BondPub v1.1.0.5 – March 16, 2020
Name Description
Bloomberg Benchmark Feed Support Make modifications necessary to support Bloomberg Benchmark feed.
Curve and Index Spread Pricing Add ability to configure and apply Index and Curve Spread pricing.
Include Settlement Date on Order Detail Screen Show the Settlement Date on the Order Detail window and indicate if it is not a standard settlement date.
Trade Quick Entry Screen Directions Add Directions to the Trade Quick Entry Screen.
Release Notes Link Add a link from the BondPub support menu to show the Release Notes web page. (
Add State Column Add a State column to the main Quote list.
Account # Change Confirmation Add warning to Account Administration screen if the user is changing the Account #.
Drop Copy Cancellation Add ability for Admin users to Cancel pending Drop Copy orders.
Reduce non-essential log messages Change the severity level of logs that are for information only to reduce the number of message sent to
Bug Fixes
User not receiving messages for new accounts. Fixed an issuer where after a new account was added to a user, the user would not receive messages related to that account until the user had logged out and then back in.
Invalid EOM Adjust exception for some securities. Certain securities that have a coupon payment date on the last day of a month were causing an Invalid EOM Adjust Exception to be thrown and preventing the quote from being published.
Benchmark is showing for non-spreads. A Benchmark would continue to show for quotes that were spread to a benchmark at one time, but then later changed to be priced with a price or yield.
BondPub v1.1.0.4 – December 12, 2019
Name Description
Bloomberg VCON Processing Make modifications to support Bloomberg VCON Processing.  Add a Bloomberg Firm ID field to Dealer Accounts for matching to the Contra ID sent with VCON drop-copy orders.  If a match is found in Dealer Accounts for the Contra ID then the MPID and CSD Code of the matching Dealer Account will be used for the Order/Trade.  If a match is not found and the user manually enters an MPID that is already in Dealer Accounts, then it will prompt the user to automatically associate the Contra ID with the MPID for future orders.
Bulk Pricing Update for Quote Lists Add a new “Adjust Pricing” option to the Quote List “Actions” menu.  This option will allow the user to markup up or down the pricing value for all items within the list or just the items that are selected within the list.
Trade and Order Export To CSV Should allow Completed Trrades and Orders for the day to be exported to a CSV file via an “Export To CSV” button at the bottom of the lists.
Trade Compliance Entry – Max. Net Amount Add a field to configure the Maximum Net Amount for an indivudal manual Trade to the Account Admin screen.  If set for an account, and if the total net amount for the trade exceeds the configured amount then a message should be displayed for non-admin users indicating that the maximum net amount has been exceeded.  Admin users will be warned if the value is exceeded but have the ability to override and complete the trade anyway.
MPID/CSD Code Lookup in Order Detail Window The MPID field on the Order Detail should work as a lookup field where if the full or partial MPID or Dealer Name is found in Dealer Accounts, then it will show all matching Dealer Accounts and allow the user to select the correct one.  If a match is selected then the CSID field will be populated as well.
Bug Fixes
Limit Quote Filter Search and Quick Search results to only include quotes within Accounts for which the user has access to. Quote Filters and Quote Quick Searches can return results for any account regardless of whether the user has access to that account or not.  For Quote Filters, if the user does not select any accounts then it will include results for all accounts regardless of whether the user has access to the account or not.  And for Quick Searches it will always return results for any account.
Suppress new Quotes and Quote Updates from being added to Quick Search results that do not match the Quick Search expression. When the Quote List is filtered using the “Quick Search” option, then all new updates, including Benchmark repricings pop into the filtered list.  This was marked as done in release and the code was complete for that release.  However, it was reported to still be failing and we found that the fix had not actually been included in the previous release.
Limit order and trade notifications to only accounts for which the user is assigned and where notifications have not been suppressed. Currently all traders are being notified if a new order or trade message is received.  
Allow the Trade Detail window to be resized. On Windows 7 the Trade Detail window is to short and is not showing all of the fields.  So allow for resizing the window to show the full window.
Dissallow Users (unique usernames) from being logged in on more than one device at a time. If a user is logged in to one device and then another user attempts to log in to another device with the same Username, then it will now prompt the user to ask if they wish to “log out” the account on the other device.