BondPub Release Notes

BondPub v1.1.0.4 – December 12, 2019
Bloomberg VCON ProcessingMake modifications to support Bloomberg VCON Processing.  Add a Bloomberg Firm ID field to Dealer Accounts for matching to the Contra ID sent with VCON drop-copy orders.  If a match is found in Dealer Accounts for the Contra ID then the MPID and CSD Code of the matching Dealer Account will be used for the Order/Trade.  If a match is not found and the user manually enters an MPID that is already in Dealer Accounts, then it will prompt the user to automatically associate the Contra ID with the MPID for future orders.
Bulk Pricing Update for Quote ListsAdd a new “Adjust Pricing” option to the Quote List “Actions” menu.  This option will allow the user to markup up or down the pricing value for all items within the list or just the items that are selected within the list.
Trade and Order Export To CSVShould allow Completed Trrades and Orders for the day to be exported to a CSV file via an “Export To CSV” button at the bottom of the lists.
Trade Compliance Entry – Max. Net AmountAdd a field to configure the Maximum Net Amount for an indivudal manual Trade to the Account Admin screen.  If set for an account, and if the total net amount for the trade exceeds the configured amount then a message should be displayed for non-admin users indicating that the maximum net amount has been exceeded.  Admin users will be warned if the value is exceeded but have the ability to override and complete the trade anyway.
MPID/CSD Code Lookup in Order Detail WindowThe MPID field on the Order Detail should work as a lookup field where if the full or partial MPID or Dealer Name is found in Dealer Accounts, then it will show all matching Dealer Accounts and allow the user to select the correct one.  If a match is selected then the CSID field will be populated as well.
Bug Fixes
Limit Quote Filter Search and Quick Search results to only include quotes within Accounts for which the user has access to.Quote Filters and Quote Quick Searches can return results for any account regardless of whether the user has access to that account or not.  For Quote Filters, if the user does not select any accounts then it will include results for all accounts regardless of whether the user has access to the account or not.  And for Quick Searches it will always return results for any account.
Suppress new Quotes and Quote Updates from being added to Quick Search results that do not match the Quick Search expression.When the Quote List is filtered using the “Quick Search” option, then all new updates, including Benchmark repricings pop into the filtered list.  This was marked as done in release and the code was complete for that release.  However, it was reported to still be failing and we found that the fix had not actually been included in the previous release.
Limit order and trade notifications to only accounts for which the user is assigned and where notifications have not been suppressed.Currently all traders are being notified if a new order or trade message is received.  
Allow the Trade Detail window to be resized.On Windows 7 the Trade Detail window is to short and is not showing all of the fields.  So allow for resizing the window to show the full window.
Dissallow Users (unique usernames) from being logged in on more than one device at a time.If a user is logged in to one device and then another user attempts to log in to another device with the same Username, then it will now prompt the user to ask if they wish to “log out” the account on the other device.