We Create Solutions For Fixed Income Electronic Security Trading Firms.

FTLabs provides flexible, customized fixed income electronic trading solutions designed to provide innovative analytics, and optimize routing and order execution for fixed income securities dealers.

Fixed Income Routing Engine (FIRE™)

FTLabs provides a suite of system integration and data routing solutions that allow broker-dealer firms to manage their execution on the fixed-income ECN’s and routing of trades to clearing.

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Fixed Income Execution Manager (BondPub)

Traders need a front-end that will allow them to manage all their fixed income quotes and orders in one place. This light-weight web client provides streaming distribution of quotes and aggregation of orders in one easy-to-use real-time interface.

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Fixed Income Security Analytics (FISA)

For software developers, FTLabs offers calculation components for both US domestic and International markets. Libraries are available in Java, Microsoft .NET, and C++ for incorporation into trading tools.

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PortFini is a cloud-hosted, web-based, portfolio modelling and presentation application for financial advisors. Some of the nation’s most successful securities dealers, investment counselors, and advisory firms use the PortFini portfolio tool.

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